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A non-exhaustive list of papers built on top of learn2learn. Ping Séb to get yours listed, or open an issue.

  1. Uniform Sampling over Episode Difficulty [ArXiv, code]
    S.M.R. Arnold*, G. S. Dhillon*, A. Ravichandran, S. Soatto, NeurIPS 2021

  2. Bridging Multi-Task Learning and Meta-Learning: Towards Efficient Training and Effective Adaptation [ArXiv, code]
    H. Wang, H. Zhao, B. Li, ICML 2021

  3. Embedding Adaptation is Still Needed for Few-Shot Learning [ArXiv]
    S.M.R. Arnold, F. Sha, ArXiv 2021

  4. When MAML Can Adapt Fast and How to Assist When It Cannot [ArXiv, code]
    S.M.R. Arnold, S. Iqbal, F. Sha, AISTATS 2021

  5. learn2learn: A Library for Meta-Learning Research [ArXiv, code]
    S.M.R. Arnold, P. Mahajan, D. Datta, I. Bunner, K.S. Zarkias, ArXiv 2020